Wedding Photography Collections & Packages for Traverse City & Northern Michigan

Your wedding photography experience will be
GENUINE, joyful & romantic!

You are embarking on the best adventure of your lives together, and you deserve to have 100% of each and every moment of your wedding day captured in a stunning way, to document not only your family and friends, but also the intimate moments, elegant details, and genuine laughter so often missed or forgotten. I exist solely to make you happy, comfortable, and beautiful in front of the camera, and to remember every detail that goes into planning your wedding, so that nothing is ever passed by!

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I Promise To Work Exclusively For You!

01. Your wedding day lasts for only a split second of time, guarantee that each and every moment will be captured so that even if it blows by in a blur for you, we will be there to remember it for you, for the rest of your life!

02. Trust me as your wedding photographer, to help keep you on time and to help your events flow smoothly (and even help your family & wedding party know where to go, and when to go!)

03. Feel like you’ve gained a new friend with me, as I keep in contact throughout the wedding planning process, to help plan your dream wedding easily. Feel confident & joyous throughout the entire wedding experience.

04. Customized wedding timeline - we will sit down one-on-one and walk you through creating a custom timeline that will easily fit all of the wedding events into one day, without feeling rushed or stressed. We even help carve out portrait time between you and your husband, to capture romantic, fine art images – revitalize your passion and appreciation for one another in a vivacious, exciting way with your stunning photos!

05. Capture your true beauty during your “bridal portrait” part of your wedding day (dozens of photos to showcase you in your bridal dress and jewelry.) Discover a confidence boost during this once-in-a-lifetime moment of you as a bride!

06. Remain stress-free on your wedding day so that you can experience and enjoy each moment and guest that has arrived to celebrate with you! Never feel rushed, stressed, or late – we will take care of the timeline, vendors and details so you can feel energetic, relaxed, and joyful!

07. Receive constant advice and direction for your wedding planning for the ultimate wedding day experience, knowing that we are devoted to showcasing your beauty! Walk away with stunning portraits that will blow you away and more ways that you know!

To Give You the Magical Day and the Corresponding Wedding Photographs, to Remember Forever!

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my fav images ever!

2 months after your wedding, no one will come over and ask to look through your facebok page to see your wedding photos. But they will get nosy and open an album that is sitting out. They will look on your walls. You will find yourself talking about your wedding more, hear stories you never heard and recalling classics to friends. Your memory will improve from your wedding day. This is why we do what we do. We exist to give you your memories back. If your memories only exist online, you will forget them. 

We aren’t shy about it. We really don’t care for digital. We want you to have physical products and reward you for adding prints to your collection. If you purchase a print, you will also get the hi-res file and print release for that image. We want the best for you. 

albums & prints

We want the best for you. The images that you will remember, tell stories about, and look at, are the ones that get printed. This is why we do what we do. We exist to give you your memories back. Each collection includes an album for this very reason.

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the real lux light experience

Want to see the REAL experience you will receive when choosing Lux Light Photography for your special day! Tune in below for some fun, behind-the-scenes footage and imagine your dream wedding along the way!

watch the video!

Our Wedding collections

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The average Lux Light Bride invests on average $4900 on their wedding photography packages

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I love curating fine art, breathtaking images that are light, airy and dreamy beyond imagination!

I Promise to Help You...


your perfect wedding timeline and scheduling


everyone is included and having fun


family members and wedding party


details go on without a hitch


each moment with beauty, originality, and fresh perspective so that it matches your dreams and visions that you have spent so long getting together


genuine laughter, smiles, joy, and excitement


and feel beautiful


naturally and comfortably


track of time and organizing the flow of people and events


so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

With Me, You Will Always Feel and Experience:

Fresh • Relaxed • Inspired • Comfortable • Peaceful • Loving • Free • Joyful • Beautiful • Vibrant • Alive • Excited

Wedding FAQs & Tips

What Can I Expect if I Book Lux Light Photography For My Wedding?

First of all, welcome to the Lux Light Bride family! You deserve the exclusive right to not only have a photographer during your day, but to consider me your wedding planner, detail coordinator, seamstress, organizer, and much more leading up to the wedding, and even a friend on the actual day! I enjoy working one-on-one with you, and this transcends to not only a work relationship, but often a lasting one as your lives move forward, families are established, and generations grow on. With this in mind, I can guarantee that I will be there for you-through every question, every obstacle, and every action that occurs throughout this process.

You can expect to experience an all-inclusive luxury service, dedicated solely to making you feel happy and beautiful, confident in me, that I will help your day flow harmoniously.

What Is My Style of Photography?

I would describe my wedding photography style in 3 words: genuine, luxurious & romantic. The "genuine" refers to the way that you will feel. Your laughter, your expressions, your emotion that you feel on your special day, will all be authentic to you are as a couple, and the relationship that you share with your closest friends/family. Nothing will be forced or too "posey," it will beautiful tell your story, the way you envisioned your wedding day. The "romantic" refers to my ability to seek out those intimate moments, the looks shared between you and your fiance that no one else might notice. So it's not necessary the "kissing" shot that I showcase, but it's the moment right after, when you slightly pull away and smile, looking at each other with light in your eyes, which is one of my favorite moments! The "luxurious" refers to the service that you will experience working with me. I pride myself on being more than just your wedding photographer. I want to be your wedding planner, your coordinator, help design your timeline, help orchestrate the day of your wedding so that you never have to feel stressed or worried. I take care of so many details, especially on the day of the wedding, so that you don't have to worry about a thing!

What Sets Me Apart From Other Photographers?

What sets me apart is my attention to detail, and the pure joy & excitement that I have for your day. Having just been married myself, I am so passionate throughout your entire planning process, wanting you to only have the best of the best. Being a wedding photographer is my life, my passionate, my joy and I seek to let that enthusiasm spill forth, to help you in any way possible so that you can literally have your dream wedding, just the way you imagined it:) You can even read one of my favorite blog articles I wrote, detailing how to choose the right photographer for you.

What Happens Next, After I Book You?

I recommend booking an engagement shoot with me, as this allows me to get familiar with your styles, personalities, and comfort levels. It is never easy having a camera around (I understand) - and the day to test this theory is not on the day of your wedding. An engagement session allows us to relax, have fun, and feel great about working together. 

Then it is on to planning your day - which I am more than happy to share makeup tips, decor styles, vendors I love, and any wedding planning scenarios that you might have questions about. As a Lux Light Bride, you will have access to the Lux Light Bridal Vault, where I share all of my secrets, tips & tricks, and handwritten articles all designed to help you through the entire wedding experience.

How Can I Officially Book You For My Wedding?

If you are interested in moving forward with me, I will send you a contract, guaranteeing both parties to several rights that is dictated on the form. Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in booking your wedding or engagement shoot with me! With the signing of the contract, a retainer fee is required to officially save your wedding date. All bookings and payment are completed through an online form, for your convenience.

What Does the Actual Wedding Day Look Like, If I Book You?

During the actual wedding day, you can expect my team to show up early and get to know the bridal party and the couple’s families before I start shooting. It is a time to meet everyone, get comfortable, warmed up, and establish that today is your day and that we are here exclusively, for YOU. Our team works effortlessly to capture every intimate moment, facial expression, detail, and artistic display of emotion that occurs. Explore my Getting Ready Tips to ensure you have the perfect start to your day!

The first part of the wedding entails the “getting ready” shots, where we capture you with your bridesmaids and family, amongst your gown, flowers, and jewels but more importantly, the raw emotion that you are experiencing, building up to becoming husband and wife! Whether you choose a “first look,” or not, I help guide the activity of the day, to ensure that our wedding timeline schedule is harmonious and enjoyable for all those involved. 

During the ceremony, my team will be spread respectively around the aisle, to tell the story from several perspectives. While guaranteeing those “life-time” moments as you become husband and wife, you will see timeless images of each event at your ceremony (first kiss, vows, etc.) 

After the ceremony, we take a few hours with you personally and your wedding party, and travel to specific locations around the area, to get those artistic, modern, and stylized shots designed with you in mind. This is where I capture those “Lake Michigan Beach” photos that so many people know us for! 

Then it is on to the party and the reception. And this is your time to relax and my time, to capture the candids, laughter, funny facial expressions, and ridiculously hilarious dance moves that you never thought your grandma could pull off! Yes, we even get the pictures of you breaking it down in your dress! Trust me when I say, these will easily bring smiles and laughter to your face for years to come!

How Many Images Do I Get From My Wedding Day?

I guarantee 600-800 finalized and edited images (or 800-1000 if you choose the Luxury Package) that have been saved in an easy format for you. We offer a Print file, where all images are high-resolution, color calibrated, and designed to enhance the clarity and depth of your imagery. These images are saved in an online gallery (which is password protected) where you have 24/7 access to the files. You can download, save, print, and share these files easily with family, friends, and your wedding guests if you choose.

After My Wedding, When do I Receive My Photographs?

I pride myself on fast turnarounds. I guarantee your images in your hand (through access to your private online gallery) within 2-4 weeks, and this includes the images that are edited, composed, balanced, and color-calibrated. The industry standard turnaround is typically 6-8 weeks, but I would never make you wait that long!!!

Can We Print Our Own Wedding Pictures?

Of course! We believe that these are YOUR photos and therefore should be able to use, print, release ect any/all of your images that we give to you. You will receive a printed and signed Print Release form via email once your images are completed and delivered to you.

Interested in working together?

"OMG Melissa!! Thank you thank you! I can't wait to look at them all! You are by far the greatest photographer in my book! Your photographs will be what we keep for a lifetime to remember our day and you have gone above and beyond to make every moment perfect.
Thank you for an amazing wedding gift!”

Contact me below for a FREE quote on wedding photography packages and collections! We also offer custom designed packages for those brides looking for unique features.

Traverse City Wedding photography by Lux Light Photography, captures beautiful and fine art portraits for your wedding and engagements in all of northern Michigan, including Traverse City, Petoskey, Frankfort, Glen Arbor, Charlevoix,  Mackinac Island, Bay Harbor Village Hotel, Crystal Mountain, Homestead Resort, Castle Farms, Grand Traverse Resort, Arcadia Golf CourseVisions Centerpointe, and other favorite venues!

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Lux Light Photography
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Traverse City Michigan 49684

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