The 10 Secrets You NEED before Hiring the Perfect Wedding Photographer

But once reality sets in and you finally realize that yes, you are engaged and that means…planning your wedding….a moment of panic may or may not commence (but my bet is on the former). Although these elevated stress levels are not necessarily a bad thing! Because they mean that in 6 months…9 months….Or even a year…at the end of the day, you will be standing across from your spouse, vowing to love each other forever, and the whole world will simply melt away. You will hold that feeling in your heart forever.

No one understands the excitement, thrill, and down right nerves while starting to plan your wedding more than I. And that’s because I do it for 30+ couples every year! Chances are, you are newly engaged, swooning with joy, and flashing those sparkling fingers at anyone who comes your way (feel no shame ladies, don’t be afraid of the glam)!

But how do you get to this point, when you have so many vendor options to go through while planning your wedding?

Choosing your wedding photographer can sometimes be hard. You have to understand random things like print credits, album choices, hours of coverage, and copyright rules.

But selecting the RIGHT wedding photographer for you, is actually very fun and should be a rewarding, exciting experience!

Because as a wedding photographer, we are there to guide you, to design the vision that you have dreamed for your wedding day, and magically make it come to life in guaranteed gorgeous photos that will forever evoke true, authentic emotion and memories of this day.

This is a promise that I have made, to you. You DESERVE to have flawless wedding photos!

But how in the world are you supposed to know, which wedding photographer is the right fit for you?

Follow these 10 Checklist Points and by the end, you will have chosen a photographer that fits your vision, style, and personalities!

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Just like designing a house, your wedding is a definite reflection of your character, personality, and quite simply, the things you find beautiful! If you are having a rustic elegant wedding, look for a wedding photographer who has already photographed a wedding similar to yours. Then ask yourself the following questions:
 • Are the colors and light quality of their wedding photos similar to how I want mine to be?
 • Does the photographer capture the emotion, or theme of the day?
 • Can you envision yourself in these wedding photos, and feel happy with them?


There are certain scenes within the wedding day that happen only for a split second, before they are gone. Make sure that these important moments are documented in your wedding photographer’s previous work, to ensure that they know how to capture them.
For example, whether it is a “first look,” or the moment as you enter the ceremony aisle, that split second of pure emotion and love as your groom sees you in your stunning dress, drifting towards him, is beyond priceless. There is only ONE SECOND in the entire day to capture this moment, this look of pure adoration and gratitude that you are becoming his wife. He is overwhelmed with your beauty and the fact that in just a few moments, he can call you his wife!
Action Plan: Guarantee that your wedding photographers capture this timeless moment by ensuring that they always include a Second Photographer with them in the wedding package that you purchase. Although many photographers claim that they can function well without one, we insist that we work flawlessly with two photographers in every wedding - it gives multiple angles to every moment, every facial expression and more importantly, every split second in your groom’s face for this priceless expression as he sees you for the first time. This also ensures that while one photographer is capturing your groom’s reaction, the second photographer is equally capturing yours!


Believe it or not, many photographers don’t have the experience or the confidence to pose their subjects. Everyone has a different body type, style, and comfort zone (not to mention many people do NOT like to pose in front of the camera.) Study your wedding photographer’s past work to determine if the subjects in the photos look beautiful, authentic, happy, and natural as they stare in the photo, or into each other’s arms. Posing in flattering “classic Hollywood” ways to naturally showcase your ethereal beauty, elongating your body, and capturing your most gorgeous features as a glowing bride!
Action Plan: Make sure that your wedding photographer is naturally good and comfortable at posing women of all shapes and sizes, to most flatter and showcase their natural beauty. Do this by viewing multiple real wedding examples on their blog and website, and note how the bride is posed and captured by the angles of the camera.


Hiring a wedding photographer is like hiring a friend. You have to enjoy their personality as much as their photography style. As one of the only people that will be with you throughout the day, we need to be able to click - laugh with each other, share concerns and fears with each other, and even cry together! As a photographer, I see moments and behind the scenes actions that no one else ever will, and in order to enjoy these personal times together, we need to enjoy it with each other. Plus, it is much better walking into the wedding for the first time, and greeting each other as friends with hugs and excitement, instead of strangers <3


Being a wedding photographer is not simply about finding details and photographing them. Your wedding day has been put together with the adoration, love, and support of each other, and your closest family and friends. In short, it tells YOUR story. Your lives. Therefore, no one photograph should ever be the same! A picture is truly worth more than a thousand words - they are meant to be authentic to your personalities, and detail everything that YOU desire.
Action Plan: When looking at your wedding photographer’s past work, make sure that you are emotionally connection with the photographs in front of you.

 • Do you smile when you see the happy faces?
 • Do you envision yourself in that moment, and start picturing what it would be like if you were in that photo?
 • Can you easily relate to the subjects in the photo, and what they are expressing?

If so, than you know that you have an emotional connection to you photographer, and that your personal wedding can also be documented in such a way that it will always remind you of the emotion that you felt on your special day!


Just like the point above, your wedding story is extremely important to remember your authentic, beautiful day. In order to creatively capture the entire scope of the day, it is vitally important that your photographer knows that different perspectives are vital to creating a well rounded, portfolio of your wedding day. For example, accentuating your beautiful bridal gown is best shot when the photographer is on her knees, pointing the camera up through the dress. BONUS, this will also elongate your body and accentuate your natural feminine curves! You deserve to have your story from different perspectives, heights, angles, and vantage points so that your day is well rounded and you will be able to enjoy photos of details and scenes that perhaps, you might have even missed on your wedding day.


True wedding photographers often wear seventeen hats - we become the wedding planner, coordinator, guest wrangler, venue communicator, and the DJ starter. This is because out of all the wedding vendors, we get to know you the best, and spend the most time with you! You can trust us to run the day smoothly, strew free, and on time to ensure a successful and joyous day for both you, but your guests as well! As one of the only vendors that is with you the entire wedding day, we are able to help keep track of time, people, and special events, as well as control the flow of the day, where people need to go, and happily answer any questions or confusion your guests might have. We are also intimate with the area, and can easily design a perfect shot list and destinations for photographs, and can easily guide friends and family there as well. Ensure that your photographer is willing to take the necessary steps to support you at any moment!


We’ve been to a wedding or two in our days. We’ve seen it all. 

So don’t be afraid to ask for help because chances are, you’ve never put together a wedding timeline before, and it is very difficult to plan something with no experience to back it up! That’s where we come into play! The caterers know how long their food will take to cook and therefore, when to end cocktail hour and seat everyone for dinner. Your photographer will know how long family portraits take, and can assess the timeframe of just about every step throughout your day! If you have questions, ask! If you are trying to decide between doing the family picture before or after the ceremony, just ask! Most vendors are more than happy to help with this part of planning your day, because we can help transition every event smoothly and harmoniously.


Weddings are extremely visual. From the flowers, to the decor, to the wedding photography - everything about your special day will lend a story to your relationship together, and who you are as a couple. And while the internet is great for getting an idea of what your venue and surrounding landscapes will look like, it is hard to get a true feeling - an emotional tie if you will - to the place in Michigan that you will be getting married.

Here’s the key:
Hire vendors who are very familiar with your ceremony and reception location. They can be your eyes and ears.

Choose vendors who are willing to physically do some leg work for you. Chances are, your wedding photographers and planners have seen dozens of different wedding timelines, styles, and goals throughout the years, and can help guide you in where to perfectly put the dessert table, or the best local locations to get your wedding photos done on the beach.

Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer questions about how your venue operates, where the optimal lighting is, and where they suggest doing all of your wedding party, and bride and groom portraits. Your Michigan wedding photographer should be thrilled to give you input. We love the “golden hour” light after all! This will also give you a great visual when you finally arrive to start setting up for your wedding, and minimize any surprises along the way.


Typically, you and your groom have a very distinct reason why you want to travel to northern Michigan for your wedding. Whether it is an emotional tie, where you got engaged, or maybe a childhood memory, this place resonates romance, beauty, and tranquility. But in the stress and running around of your day, it is vitally important to slow down, take a breath, and remember why in the first place, you decided to get married here.
TIPS: Pick your top 3 greatest memories or attributes of northern Michigan, and figure out why you love them the most. Is it the beautiful sunsets? The warm sandy beaches of Lake Michigan? Or the urbane downtown area where you would go to romantic restaurants? Once you figure these out, work them into your wedding timeline. Having these golden memories incorporated into your important day, will help relax you, and give you a great reminder about what is truly important to you on this special day. Communicate this with your wedding photographer. Together, you guys can work this into your wedding timeline, and make sure those photos are taken and given extra emphasis. If your favorite memories are of sunsets on the beach, let your photographer know and perhaps you guys can work into the schedule, a 15 minute break where the three of you slip away for those romantic beach wedding photos!

shhhh...its a secret!

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