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Being Your Wedding Photographer is Only 20% of What I ACTUALLY Do…

The phrase “wearing 17 hats” doesn’t apply to me. What is really feels like, is wearing more like 50 hats. So what do I mean by that?

Most people think of a wedding photographer that you hire, you meet and greet on the day of the wedding, they follow you around like paparazzi, and then a million weeks later you get your photos. And I’ll be honest, a lot of photographers are like that, and that’s ok!

But here’s the thing guys, that’s not me.

traverse city michigan wedding photography

And it’s certainly not how I run my business. I have chosen to be a Fine Art Wedding photographer, and not just that, but  have chosen to dedicate my life, my love, my passion and my dreams, to curating and documenting the best moments, details, storyline, and forgotten minutes of your day, in magazine-worthy images that will have you and your husband cherishing, loving, and coveting for many years to come. But to be honest, that is such a small part of what I do! In fact, the photography aspect of it, is probably only 20% of my daily schedule.

Because as your wedding photographer, I have dedicated myself to educating you, guiding you, helping you, supporting you, and becoming your friend and confidant at all times. Everything about my business, from the way I run it, to the guides I send you, has been carefully curated to help you at any time throughout your planning process.

It’s more like having a wedding photographer / wedding planner / venue coordinator all in one. And that is simply, to help make everything as seamless, stress-free, and joyful as possible, from the moment that you book, to well past your wedding day. So that when I claim that I’m more than just a wedding photographer, I strive to live up to that and past that, with every fiber of my being.

And it’s for you! It’s all for you!

My design my website for you, to make navigation and info readily available. I contact you monthly to check in, knowing as the date gets closer, life can be more hectic. I have written and designed an 80 magazine that gets sent to all my wonderful brides, simply as a gift to help them through the planning process. My online gallery has been cut designed with your ease in mind. Flash drive are specifically cut from fresh bamboo to ensure safety of your precious images. And the list goes on and on!

But seriously, my entire day and night, every day, is dedicated to your happiness.  So although that may cause me to wear 50 hats, I will sport them gladly knowing that as I do, I can make your life a little better, your wedding smoother, and your joy more genuine.

So much love to you, all my brides, I am in your corner, always here 24/7!

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