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Kayla Barker Photography Workshop Review

The importance of moving towards your goals with creative innovation as your inspiration

white sparrow barn wedding photographer

Have you ever experienced what the entrepreneur-business world likes to call “burnout?”


Maybe you know the symptoms: exhausted, uninspired, unmotivated. Perhaps like so many in our culture of overworked 20-somethings you’ve been there. Heck, maybe even you’re there! I know, because I was. And not too long ago.


If you’ve experienced this season of life, know that you are not alone! In fact, you are probably in the majority!! And I have good news for you my friends (and don’t worry, it’s not the common mantra of “when you are down, the only place you can go is up) because let’s be honest, that doesn’t help you when you truly are struggling with anxiety from your business.


But there is an answer that I can share that, to date, has been the most helpful transformation of my life and my business!


The Backstory

white sparrow barn wedding photographer

Experiencing the business burnout has been one of the hardest seasons of my life as I navigate the waters of growing my wedding photography business. But what has become crystal clear to me since this season, is the revelation that as a creative, I need to lead with my heart instead of my hands.


I felt in my very soul, that I had lost my heart in my business. And this crushed me to my core! How, when I felt overworked, underappreciated, and unloved, could I be reinspired to keep my business going, and continue to give to my wonderful clients??


It was at this point that the Universe heard my call! That very day, I was scrolling through Instagram and came upon Kayla Barker’s Fine Art Wedding Photography Workshop. What a godsend!


I had never invested in workshops (aside from some online courses!) There were the usual doubts and hiccups – how to afford it, how to travel to Texas and back by myself, how to justify the time away from my business…


But I knew that something had to change. And change only comes with action, even if it is taking baby steps (like putting your email on vacation mode – gasp – so that you can take 4 days away from work to attention a workshop!)


With shaking hands, I pushed the “Pay Now” button and committed myself to flying to Texas and taking the plunge, to embark with 25 other photographers on a journey that would forever shape my career and business!


Finding Creative Innovation

white sparrow barn wedding photographer

My fingers tightened as I heaved my photography gear out of the trunk of my rental car. I barely noticed the usually cumbersome weight on my arms, and the slight nip of the cold 7am air did equally little to distract me. There was only one thing in my focus, and it took every ounce of my being to remain cool, calm and collected as I stared up at the glorious majesty that is the White Sparrow Barn.


Kayla greeted us all with hugs and Starbucks coffee (and automatically, I adored this girl! Coffee + photography = happy Melissa)


I nervously took my place amongst other ladies from around the United States and settled in to hear what Kayla had to say.


And let me be clear friends, every ounce of Kayla and her presentation will rock your world!


If you are looking to be inspired, to go against the grain, and to carve out your own niche in the ever-growing photography world, you NEED to sign up for her workshop!


There are so many other educational resources out there for building a business – and they all have formulas, methods, must-do actions and you know what?


Following someone else’s formula, only makes you look like everyone else!


And as a creative, that is like slowly draining your soul, without ever realizing it!


Kayla teaches individuality. She teaches heart. She inspires uniqueness. She tells you to do it your way, and that there is no right or wrong.


This, in and of itself, is worth every penny!!!


She wrapped up her presentation and I didn’t know whether to give a standing ovation, cry, or never stop hugging her (which probably would have been awkward but hey, I was just that happy!)


Why You NEED To Lead With Your Heart

There is a rising tide in our business world for my generation that has stumbled upon a new missive: hustling. In this new culture norm, hustling has become a badge of honor that so many of us where. It defines us even. If we are true hustlers then we must have a vision; be go-getters; sacrifice everything else in the wake of our pursuit. Hustlers are the top of your industry and those who fall short, are dubbed the unsuccessful.


Whew! Typing out that definition exhausts me to my core!


Because I have come to believe, through a series of waxing and waning of business, that hustling is neither good for me and in the long run, not efficient for your business (or career.)


Yet I haven’t always thought this way. In short of only a few months back, I was the proud owner of this hustling badge. Everything in my life paled in comparison to my business and the success track that I was aiming for 24/7. Everything, and I literally mean everything, got placed behind my business.

  • Marriage
  • Health & Fitness
  • Friends & Family
  • Personal Happiness

These are some of the most important facets of life and yet, they mattered little?




Because in the pursuit of running a quitting my full time job to follow my dreams as a wedding photographer, starting up a business, getting clients in the door, and being successful at it, I somewhere along the way forgot to be inspired by my dream job, so that I could become a slave to my dream job.


This is hustling. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the statement that hustling is bull.


If you lose your creative inspiration while running your business aka. Losing sight of why you started your dream job in the first place, you are going to run yourself ragged and eventually, work your hands so much, that you lose your heart.


This is the point in the entrepreneur journey that we hit a wall. We feel unmotivated to do what we had once been so inspired to do. We become angry, bitter even, and turning on our computers to work produces exhaustion and animosity towards anyone that makes us work.


I understand where you are at!


That is why I will preach and say amen to anyone who takes the action to put their heart first, before their hands!


My Favorite Action Steps

white sparrow barn wedding photographer

Investing in Kayla Barker’s Fine Art Workshop was the best investment I have ever made!


It taught me to believe in myself. Invest in myself. And to cultivate my days with joy and creativity, instead of hustling to improve my “numbers” (aka money success).


Thanks to Kayla, I know practice these easy steps to ensure I lead with my heart!

  • Greet each day of your business as a new start, where you can impact others and experience personal joy and creative innovation.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes per day, focusing on what I am most grateful for
  • Evaluate my touchpoints – how and where I impact my clients – to ensure I give, give, give more than I ever receive
  • Plan one activity per month that uses pure creativity (with zero focus on money!)


Invest In Yourself


If you are anything like me, and have experienced feelings of burnout, anxiety over your business, or a lack of motivation, I have the solution!


Take action steps to find a coach, teacher or workshop that can help inspire, motivate, and teach you to lead with your heart!


Attending Kayla Barker’s Workshop at the White Sparrow Barn was the best decision I’ve made for my business, and I am ready to greet the 2018 wedding season in Northern Michigan with excitement, joy, and gratitude to serve my clients!


Share this post with anyone whom you think, might need some inspiration words today and let me know below in the comments, what you have done (or want to do) to get re-inspired for your business!


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