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3 Reasons to Include Your Dog At Your Wedding


Who doesn’t include their best friend in the wedding? Most people invite their most beloved friends and family, but more and more the trend is to also invite man’s best friend, your beloved pooch. Your pup is a major part of your life, and especially if Fido or Spot is important to your relationship with your soon-to-be-spouse, it just makes sense that they be a part of the fun. Here are three reasons why you should totally include your dog in your wedding.



Weddings can be stressful, and a pup can help you enjoy the moments.

As long as your dog isn’t overwhelmed by the music or people, your dog is going to bring an air of fun and light-heartedness to the proceedings that is very needed. Solemn ceremonies work for a lot of couples, but many brides long to lighten the mood and remind everyone that this is a celebration.

Your dog doesn’t have to be around for the whole event, but if there is a way to incorporate your dog as a flower girl or ring bearer, you’ll see how quickly the audience melts and feels comfortable. If your dog isn’t likely to walk the aisle, having them in a contained area during the reception where they can relax and also get tons of tummy rubs is a great way to keep guests amused while waiting for cake or for the wedding party to finish taking photos. Just make sure someone in your family or among your friends is in charge of keeping track of your dog, and they will bring smiles wherever they go. This is especially helpful if you spend time envisioning any kind of family tension: nothing breaks the ice like an earnest pup wagging a tail to get people to put aside their differences.



Dogs love people, cake, dancing, and many other aspects of a wedding.

Your dog would make a great wedding date for anyone: they like interacting with people and never meet a stranger. They also participate in cake and dinner eating with gusto (maybe hold them back on that one!) and will happily take you out on the dance floor to groove to the music. Even if your dog isn’t a huge fan of tuxedos, you can almost definitely find some wonderful accessories so that they can “dress up” just like everyone else. It’s a big, fun party, and your dog should get to celebrate with you!fine-art-wedding-photographer-michigan


Dogs have an amazing “aww” factor, and look GREAT in photographs.

While many people have found cute ways to incorporate their dogs in their ceremonies and receptions, even just having a dog present makes weddings ridiculously cute. You can see evidence of this in great photographs from weddings with dogs in them: the bride and groom going on a walk with their pooch, or giving the dog kisses, or dressing the dog up in matching outfits with the bridesmaids or groomsmen. You can even incorporate more than one dog, if they get along!

Even if you think the day-of might be too much for a real little pup or a dog who gets a little nervous, you can incorporate your love for your dog into your engagement shoot or some bridal portraits. With Lux Light Photography, we’ll help you find exactly the perfect way to feature that cute face alongside you in your beautiful outfit. These options are perfect for the bride who knows that she can’t say “I do” without the support of the furry friend who has been there for her throughout her love life. These photos will remind you that you may feel unconditional love for your spouse to be, but most likely, your dog still loves you even more.

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