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3 Wedding Pictures You’ll Regret Not Having

Your wedding day will have a billion instantaneous, previous moments that you will never want to forget. But in the hustle and bustle of things, you’ll be surprised after your day, how many things you unfortunately miss! That is why it is crucial to choose a photographer whom you can trust, knowing that they can capture every moment in a genuine and joyful way, so that you can always look back and remember the best parts of your day.

But there are a few steps we can take beforehand with your photographer, to ensure you get all of the photos you want (and even some you didn’t know you wanted.)

Check out the list below, to make sure your photographer captures these specific 3 images that you won’t want to miss!

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Your Mom’s Reaction To Your Dress

Oftentimes, it is the mother of the bride who zips, buttons, or croquet’s the final touches of you in your dress. Typically she is behind you, and the rest of the bridesmaids are seeing this transformation in front of you, but your mother (since she is helping you) does not get to see the full effect. Make sure you take a moment to turn around to your mom and give her a hug, a smile…whatever it is your relationship dictates, to capture that precious feeling the two of you share. The mother of the bride often gets forgotten, so give her this special moment (and picture that ensues!)

First Look With Your Dad

Many brides consider doing a First Look with their groom, but it’s important not to forget your dad! Create a private atmosphere for the two of you (or perhaps include your mom and siblings) and shuffle everyone else out of the room. This will allow you to react authentically and not feel like you have to hold up the tears just because you are in a large group of people.

Group Shots of Guests

Ok so this more like a lot of photos all lumped together under one category, but I feel these are truly important! Yes, it’s great to get the candids (trust me, these are my favorite photos) but not every guest always get captured this way. Have your photographer make a plan to go around to every table and capture a picture of the table, so that you can have a visual of exactly who was there (so that no one gets missed.) Remember, your photographer does not know who is important to you, who your favorite aunt is, etc so if you do not make arrangements to have all tables photographed, you could get all your wedding photos back without any of your favorite people!

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