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Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club Spring Wedding

It’s of no surprise to me, that as I walked away from this wedding, head craning over my shoulder to stare at the setting sun overlooking the cascading sand bluffs on Lake Michigan, that I couldn’t help but smile. Clutched in my hand was a film camera that, just ten hours earlier, had been dusted off, film loaded and cleaned, ready for the first wedding of 2019 that, I am so excited to say, was at one of my favorite wedding venues in Northern Michigan, Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club!! The breathtaking views that I drank in, whilst inhaling the sweet tangy scent of fresh spring grass, listening to the distant hum of the sand against sand, bid me adieu as I walked away. I relished every memory of Rachel and Sean’s elegant spring wedding, and I am so incredibly thankful that, as I edit these fine art, film images, I am reminded that there is JOY and pure happiness in this world…and it can all be experienced with each image that I see over and over again, moving through these film images.

I could write word after word, gathering a cascading syntax to my language, to elegantly describe my experience with Rachel and Sean. But alas, words truly due fall short, because it is difficult to describe in words, the elation I felt after having immersed myself in their world and their family for this April wedding in Michigan. Rachel lit up every corner of the room. It was clear to me, how much she is adored by all who know her. From the moment I entered the scene, Rachel gave me a hug that felt to me, as if we had known each other forever, instead of just minutes! And Sean…well, let’s just say I could joke and have fun with him as if he were my own brother. But that’s just a small example, of how the environment that their elegant wedding made everyone feel – included….loved….cherished. These are no small feats. Plus…I do have to brag for just a minute, because at the end of the night, Rachel and Sean sent me home with cheesecake that, I am sorry to say, was so dang delicious that I literally ate it in the car ride home…fingers and all. I will be dreaming about that cake for years to come!!

All in all, I want to thank Rachel and Sean for giving me such a graceful, joyful, and genuinely romantic platform with which to dive back into my 2019 wedding season! You remind me, just exactly why I love what I do.

Vendor Credits:
Venue: Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club
Florals: Victoria’s Floral
Photography: Lux Light Photography

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