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Why Golden Hour Is A Must-Do For Your Wedding

best traverse city wedding photographer in michigan

Mention the phrase “golden hour” to me, and you will see me get as giddy as my puppy Charlie gets when I pull out her treat box (or to give you another visual, as excited as I get when my husband brings home a bag of delicious chips! It’s probably pretty ridiculous how excited I get when chips are within reach, let’s be honest…)

Anyways to get back on track (I’ll be honest, writing about chips totally made me get up and check my cupboards for a bag, just in case) golden hour is…to be frank…pure magic!

Golden Hour is the one hour of time right before the sun sets below the horizon. And this, my friends, is the best hour of the day for your wedding photos!!!

Let me set the scene…the outdoor temperature has cooled to a pleasant kiss upon your skin. The wind has died to a distant breeze that slightly blows the curls away from your cheeks. You look out against the sky and the sun has expanded to a globe of golden rays that, despite the later time in the evening, can still fill the air with a slight warmth. It’s ray have started to filter through the trees, and you are reminded of the most tranquil moments of the day. Your face might even be a bit sore from all of the smiles and laughter throughout your day.

best traverse city wedding photographer in michigan

This. My friends. This. Is. Magic.

You and your husband are able to step away for a few moments for a few extra pictures of the two of you, and I can’t tell you enough, how amazing these pictures of the two of you, can be!

Unlike the rest of the day, there is no squinting of eyes to be had. No harsh shadows, to hiding in the shade. Instead, you can be highlighted by the most beautiful, golden, dreamy light that you could ever imagine.You could even say it looks like a halo of light that shines behind you and your fiancé, and serves to highlight the true romance and joy that you are experiencing on your wedding day!

This is the type of soft, creamy light that will always make you look and feel your best (this is the light you often see in magazines) and can highlight all of the gorgeous details from your day (your hair, your dress, etc).

Because golden hour occurs one hour before the sun sets below your horizon, this often falls during your reception. My goal as your photographer, is to set aside about 20-30 minutes to sneak away, just the three of us, and take a few moments to rejoice in this pure, natural beauty. They are always the best pictures of the day!!!

And because your guests are often occupied with dancing or eating, these few minutes are a very peaceful way for the three of us, to enjoy the last event of your wedding. It provides some private and intimate moments for the two of you, and can even give you a bit of a break from chatting with everyone too (trust me, you will need this!) Bride and groom portraits during golden hour, is my favorite event to photograph at your wedding and I can’t recommend it enough!

If there was one piece of advice I could give to you on your wedding day, it would be to plan time to have golden hour portraits!! These will be your favorite images from your entire day, I can guarantee it!

best traverse city wedding photographer in michigan

Want to know how to schedule golden hour portraits into your wedding day timeline?

Are you looking for a photographer that loves golden hour just as much as you, for your special day? Let’s chat!


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